April 2023: New Gilliam feature film project gains a title


The Triumph of Death (1562), by Bruegel

Terry Gilliam is working on a new feature film project, which he has given a title “The Carnival at the End of Days”, according to a reliable source.

The filmmaker has previously given information about this project. One example is in a video interview with Portuguese comedian Nuno Markl published on YouTube in February 2022.

Gilliam said to Markl, “I went to Italy because I have this little film festival in Italy… and the Government changed the rules just as I arrived, and I had to then self-isolate for five days. And I was in my house in Italy with no-one to talk to. No wife, no family, no Internet. And I just started thinking. By being isolated like that, I was able to convince myself that I still have some ideas worth making films about.

“For several days, I was getting up each morning excited, and I’m writing this thing. I started being in a state of rage about all the things I don’t like about what’s going on at the moment. And the idea was basically that God has decided to wipe out humanity because of the mess he has made of the garden called Earth, this beautiful place. This is the thing that concerns me most, really, is what we’ve done and how we fix what we’ve done to the planet. Basically, when you are alone, you can be God.

“It’s a very interesting premise, God has decided to wipe out humanity, which he does. The person who tries to stop it is Satan. Because Satan needs humanity, because his job is to tempt and seduce him. He’s the one who tries to convince God: OK wipe them out, but let me provide a new Adam and Eve to start again, and maybe this time it will work better…”

We also know of the screenwriter who has been working with Gilliam on this project: Christopher Brett Bailey, as revealed by Gilliam to Robert Elms on BBC Radio in February 2023.

More information on this project will appear in the news section of this website as it becomes available.

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