The Fisher King’s Manhattan Locations


by Craig J. Clark

Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King was shot on location in Manhattan in 1990. This page by Craig J. Clark shows the locations used, and where to find them.

1. Statue of General William Tecumseh, Fifth Avenue between 59th and 60th Streets
Jack’s drunken soliloquy to Pinocchio.
Note: Click here and scroll down for more info on the statue and also some history on the other eleven Horsepeople of the Metropolis.
“Ya ever get the feeling sometimes… you’re being punished for your sins… ?” — Jack (Jeff Bridges)

2. 101 Park Avenue
Jack Lucas and his agent (played by David Hyde Pierce) go into this building for a TV show pitch meeting after he returns to his talk radio career.

3. Grand Central Station – Main Room
Note: There were no exterior shots of Grand Central Station in The Fisher King, I just added the first two pictures as a bonus.
“You have to admit though… Life at 5:00 in Grand Central… Pretty breathtaking, don’tcha think?” — Sid (Tom Waits)

4. Central Park – various locations
Note: These pictures are not from the specific locations in the film, but hey, this is the right park (it’s kinda hard to miss in a place like Manhattan). According to the Central Park website, many scenes were shot within the Sheep Meadow and along the perimeter of the park.
“You can’t do this! This is New York! Nobody lies naked in a field in New York. It’s… it’s too Midwestern” — Jack (Jeff Bridges)

5. 146 West 57th Street – Metropolitan Tower
Jack’s home before tragedy struck.
“Hey! Forgiiiive ME!” — Jack (Jeff Bridges)

6. Madison Avenue (between 94th and 95th Streets)
Langdon Carmichael’s Townhouse
Note: The “interior” of this castle is actually an outdoor playground, with a basketball court. Also, it’s a couple blocks away from Central Park, not across the street as it’s shown to be in the movie.
“Pretty impressive, huh?… Don’t let it scare you. I’ll admit it’s formidable but everything has its weakness.” — Parry (Robin Williams)

7. Met Life Building – 330 Park Avenue South (at 24th Street)
Note: Lydia’s office is set in the Met Life Building, and the clock on the tower Parry watches is one block over (on the same street) as it is shown to be in the movie.
“If anybody ever told me I’d be in love with a woman who eats jawbreakers, I’d say they were nuts…
But look at that jaw!” — Parry (Robin Williams)

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